Why Kitchen Corners?
I started Kitchen Corners in late 2007. At the time I knew nothing about blogging. All I knew was that I liked to cook and that I liked to write. So I signed up for blogger and named my blog "Within the Corners of my Kitchen" and it was there that I started documenting the things that happened in my kitchen - cooking, feeding, parenting, dance parties, and a lot of NPR listening. With time I decided to ditch my red background, white text, music-playing-instantly-as-soon-as-the-blog-loaded-to-your-screen, design. I also decided to pay the $9.99 a year to get my own domain name. The domain became kitchencorners.com and the name of the blog shrunk from 6 words to 2 words- Kitchen Corners.

So what is your blog really about?
My blog is really about me. It's about the food I cook, the food I eat, the people I feed, the places I live, the places I travel to, and also my curiosity with design. My father is an art teacher. He tried to teach me to draw and paint and till this day I can barely draw a stick figure. However, my dad taught me the value of art, and most importnatly the value of expressing yourself through creative means. I love to write, I love to take pictures, and I love design. I don't have a degree in either of those things. But no matter, this blog is not about what I learned in school, it's about what I learned and am learning in life. It's about food and about design that helps us appreciate our food, and it's about the people and places I cherish that helps me appreciate life.

Do you accept samples?
I do accept samples, but I don't always write about the samples I accept. I would rather give you no press than a bad press. The reviews I write are products I actually use and enjoy. Same with giveaways, I only do giveaways of products I endorse. Do you have a sample you'd like to send me or something you'd like me to giveaway? Great! Contact me and I'll let you know if I am interested. Also, most of my reviews are done on my Facebook page.

Where did you learn to cook?
First I learned to love food. Then I learned to cook. The first happened in my childhood, mostly in my grandmother's kitchen. One of my first memories is being 3 year's old, sitting in front of the T.V watching smurfs and eating a great big bowl of arugula with tomatoes, seasoned with lime, olive oil, and salt. I've always enjoyed eating, eating good food. If you like good food you either have to (a) live with someone who cooks good food (b) have lots of money so you can go out to eat regularly at good restaurants or (c) learn how to cook. I went with option (c). With the aid of cookbooks, and a lot of trial-and-error I've learned how to cook and of course am still learning.

What does your food budget look like?
It depends. I do believe you can eat well on a budget, but I also believe it's o.k to spend money on food.   The most expensive piece of clothing I ever bought was my wedding dress, and I got it on sale for $99. On the other hand I have no problem spending $99 on expensive cheese. We are a family of 5. However, more often than not we have an additional person or two living with us. My mom, my sister, a cousin, a friend. We also really enjoy cooking for our friends and having people over. We don't go out to eat often, maybe once or twice a month. Also our food budget changes so much depending on where we live.

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