And when you don't cook....

posted on: Wednesday, February 27, 2008

when you don't cook you just sit back and relax. I'm not 100% convinced that I even enjoy cooking all that much. I think it's way more about the final product than the actual process. I think basically I love eating. Yesterday I didn't cook at all and I was totally content because we had an awesome dinner. We had some friends over and it was totally fun. Chris made stir-fry and the Paris brought a delicious chocolate cake.

Enzo was totally entertained the whole time they were over due to the amazing 3 year old Ella who not only let him get away with anything but also put on a contortionist show for us


  1. Ok love, I am now convinced that he learned that from "La La." That is so funny- you totally have to send me that pic.


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