So proud of Natalie!

posted on: Monday, February 18, 2008

The first time I met Natalie was in the TVA park in Laie Hawaii. She had 3 little boys, one was a newborn. Inspite of all the craziness of watching 3 kids she still came over and talked to me. I quickly became drawn to her enthusiasm. She was always smiling, and always seemed Genuine. What I love about this lady is that she is isn't afraid to talk about her struggles, I guess she isn't afraid to make mistake. Well it was through and I guess it still is this learning process that helped Natalie become the amazing photographer that she is. She now got an official position at the digital photography school. Her blog is so fun! She posts great tips about shooting AND she'll even comment on your pictures. Way to go Natalie!
Check out her blog
and her posts at the digital photography school

I'm itching to steal a picture from her blog to give you a sample but decided against it. You'll just have to go and check it out yourself. I'm convinced that Natalie will continue to help me take better pictures of food.

ps: I also have to add that her coolness comes from also marrying someone who served a mission in Brazil. I need to convince her to go down to Brazil and take pictures there. I think she would love it!


  1. You little muffin you! I came here to tell you that I accidentally deleted your comment on my blog earlier . . . only to find this! You are lovely. In every way!


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