The Birthday feast

posted on: Monday, March 3, 2008

I take birthdays very seriously. Most people my age couldn't care less about their birthday but I start counting down the day after my birthday start planning a party. This year I had decided to do a 1983 (year I was born) dance party. My friend was going to D.J, my other friend was going to help me organize, it was going to be fabulous. But then I broke my foot and reality sunk in. You can't dance with a broken foot. The party planning stopped and I decided to dedicate my planning time to school work. This whole past week I had decided that my birthday was going to be lame. There are no redeeming qualities of having a birthday on a fast Sunday and a birthday where nothing was planned. Christian has been super busy all week and when I kept suggesting he plan something he was being very blunt about his desire to be kept out of it. I was devastated. Meanwhile he was planning a surprise party. I don't believe in celebrating your birthday a day before or after but ever since we've been married Chris has taken me out to Japanese food so on Saturday he got dressed up and dressed Enzo up (without prompt) and took me out to a very yummy sushi place in Santa Cruz. I was a little nervous about taking Enzo with us. He can't sit for longer than 5 minutes and has never had Japanese food before. Chris told me to not worry because he had done his research and picked a kid friendly place and besides Enzo loves sticky rice so he would be fine. We had a wonderful time. I even got mochi ice-cream with a candle on top. Yum! After dinner Chris dopped me off at a spa where I got my first professional massage. I used to think these things were a waste of money but ever since moving to spa central and going to hot tubs every so often I now am a fan.

Yesterday i got to sleep in but was bummed I couldn't eat for most of the day (bad way to think about fasting for sure). I got a basket with the usual presents, flower, kitchen stuff, tea and chocolate, a new poem, and my favorite a new pair of earrings (coupon form redeemable when Musi comes back). I also always buy myself a gift and earlier in the year I had bought myself a pair of Musi earrings 'cuz she would be gone to Peru until the end of March. So now I get to pick another one out. I am SO excited and feel totally spoiled. I am also excited about my new knife!!!

Chris made a wonderful crock pot dinner, hist first crock pot dinner ever. He made pork with vegetables and olives. I LOVE olives. He was also making a lot of dessert. I should of suspected something was up but just thought he wanted to have cream puffs for the whole week. At 6:00pm people started trickling in. It still didn't totally sink in that Chris had organized a surprise party until some of my friends from my class started coming. I was so excited I felt pretty silly. I had such a wonderful time. Chris made cream puffs and cinnamon rolls from scratch. The cinnamon rolls were topped with the white chocolate ganash with rosemary that I had previously made. The birthday that was pre-destined to be lame turned out to be wonderful! I kept on keeping Christian up because I didn't want to go to sleep and have the day come to an end. Even though I was totally bummed my birthday was on a Sunday I realized yesterday that it was perfect because I wasn't busy with school and had the whole day to relax and enjoy my boys (and later my friends). Today is Monday so now I get to start the countdown...365 days left till my birthday. Monday also means back to reality and getting EVERYTHING done before we go to Brazil. I'm going on an internet diet. I won't be blogging or doing any of the fun internet things that distracts me from school. Here are lots of pictures to make it up for all the time I'll be gone.


  1. hey Congratulations! Happy birthday! I love the pictures and especially the food...I get so hungry everytime i Look at your that normal?

    luv erin

  2. I'm really jealous that I couldn't come, but I guess I would have been torturing myself because of lent. :)

  3. Happy Birthday! It looks like a lot of fun!

  4. Oh Damaris! Your birthday sounds so magical! I wish I could have given you a big hug. I love you and I bet you are a great one legged dancer! Birthday Happies!


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