Dancing outside of my kitchen

posted on: Friday, March 7, 2008

I already love Jack Johnson's new C.D. I went last year to the Kokua fest and it was one of my favorite days ever. I took this picture when Jack and and Zach (the genius musician from ALO) played on the kiddie corner of Kokua fest. this is a great story I have to tell it. Chris was working at Kokua fest right at the kiddie corner. They had a stage and there were some performers but overall it was pretty empty. I went on a walk when Christian called and informed me that Jack Johnson was playing at the kiddie stage. I didn't believe him until I heard the music on the background. I sprinted to that kiddie stage as fast as I could and when I got there I saw Jack and Zach playing some tunes for the little ones. Kids were on stage dancing and parents were hysterically trying to get as many pictures as possible. I just couldn't believe I was so close to them and decided to take a few pictures of my own. This whole experience added to Jack's coolness of being such a down to earth person.

This year Dave Mathews will also be there. I want to go SO bad. I need to find someone to sponsor this worthy cause of allowing me to dance outside of my kitchen to the music of Jack and Dave. Does anyone want to sponsor me?


  1. I want to go to that sooooo bad!! Do you have the double disk of Dave Mathews live with Tim Reynaolds?? I think I've warn it out. It's amazing....and of course Jcak Johnson is the best. That would be so fun to go. My email is chelseahunt@hotmail.com
    I haven't figured out how to post other people's bolgs to my blog...any suggestions? love chelsea

  2. Also, the artist for the poster is one of my favorites. Check out her site www.heatherbrownart.com

  3. Chelsea we gotta go. Can you imagine Enzo and Monet grooving to Jack and Dave? It would me amazing.

  4. wow! ephraim's totally going to be in hawaii then! that's going to be a huge show for the shell. and a good one.

  5. I wanted to go as well, but the tickets sold out in two hours. By the time I remembered that they were on sale, it was over. Blech. I have to admit that I was mostly going for Mason Jennings, and not Jack, although I recognize that he's a super guy.


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