Eye Candy!

posted on: Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I am an aspiring food photographer. Actually I am not, but in my dream world I would really like to take pictures of food that is creative and that highlights the deliciousness of whatever is in front of my camera. I take more pictures of food than I do of my child. But don't worry my favorite pictures are of my child eating.

Recently I've been in love with the blog bake or break. I go mainly for the pictures, because I think they are so fabulous. The recipes are probably good too but I haven't had time to try any of it. This month the blogger of bake or break held the contest Does my blog look good in this which is a foodblogger contest with scrumptious photos of food. I decided to not borrow any of the photographs and put it here because then I will have this one amazing photograph and all the other pictures from my blog will look less appetizing and you'll never want to try my recipes. Just kidding. I figured to just send you to the site with all the entries so you can indulge and enjoy looking at food as much as I do. It's almost as good as eating, almost.


  1. you can probably gain weight just by reading that blog!


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