Free cone day

posted on: Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Unfortunately I don't live by a Ben and Jerry's ice cream shop. If you do then make sure to get yourself a free cone. When we lived in MA we used to go and they were super generous with heir portions, plus they have frozen yogurt! Check out the nearest location to you here.


  1. mmmm ice cream.... I'm going to start Erin's get fit challenge again, so I hope I can stay on the wagon! hahaha. Oh PS: I still have no bacon. I'm not sure as to why this is, but my guess is that I haven't been to the store in forever... I think that lack of bacon is wrong on so many levels! I did go get a waffle maker though, and I'm dying to try bacon in the mix. I was also thinking bacon with chocolate. Not sure how exactly to combo those two. Chocolate drizzled onto bacon? Chocolate covered pieces? Oh my...

  2. Damaris,
    This blog is amazing and inspiring. I stumbled here from Yaminette's blog. Your food pictures are beautiful!

    I hope post-college life has treated you well,

    -Krystel from anthro

  3. I love Lullatone and your Brazil blog posts! The feijoada looked incredible, and I really wish I had a mandioca man here in Boston... Enzo is really is super cute...I need to post more pics on my blog...some day! Peace!


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