[un]happily tagged

posted on: Sunday, April 27, 2008

My sweet friend Wendy from Massachusetts tagged me to make a list of 10 things that made me happy today. I've been having a very unhappy week with a car that broke down on Monday and is not yet fixed, an overwhelming feeling of being totally behind in all my school work, a Teaching Assistant position that gets worse and worse, nostalgia for Brazil since my cousin got married today and I am not there to celebrate, a husband that injured his ankle, my ankle that still hurts all the time, a very depressing conversation I had with a student who scheduled an abortion and wanted my advice, good friends that moved away to Colombia, my neighbor who is packing her stuff and getting ready to move even though I'm trying to convince them that they can't because I depend on them so much....

It's been a rough week and today was a rough day but it's good to think about the positives so I'm taking on the challenge. Thanks Wendy!

Happy list
  1. Enzo and Avi played beautifully today even though they were totally exhausted for the 4 hours we watched Avi and little sis Via
  2. Via drank from a bottle happily even though bottles are the bane of her existence. This meant that I didn't have to pill up all 3 kids in the car and drive her to her mommy who was taking a test
  3. two wonderful undergraduate students came over and made posters with Enzo and Avi to take to the May 1st worker's march
  4. After thinking things over and talking to a rally organizer I feel more confident in my skills to be able to organize families to march on May 1st
  5. I am SO EXCITED for May 1st!
  6. I found 2 really cute shirts and an awesome black gap shorts in the free bin
  7. I had two teenage girls tell me "like, oh my gosh you are like, the coolest ever" today at church after doing a primary activity about Brazil and giving each kid a coconut ring
  8. I was so happy to get rid of all the coconut rings I've been lugging around
  9. Enzo feel asleep super fast tonight (he didn't take a nap so don't think I'm that lucky)
  10. After bugging this guy who lives at family student housing for cooking tips (he's a cook) for the last couple months we finally had dinner with him and it was literally a FEAST. This was by far the highlight of my day and I'm not just saying that because this blog is dedicated to food, it literally rocked my world and my stomach today. Photos coming soon!
Thanks Wendy for helping me think about the positive things that happened today. I am tagging Melinda, Mariko, and Melissa because M is the letter of the day


  1. Thanks for tagging me....it was nice thinking of the good things of the day.
    See you tomorrow at church

  2. I'm sorry to hear that so much yucky stuff is happening for you right now. I'm glad that I "made" you think of some of the positives too. Hang in there!!!!

  3. Why do I not know about May 1st? Since when did you find time to be a rally organizer?

  4. I take Enzo on a stroller walk at night and pass out fliers for the rally and always have fliers with me when we go to the park or sand box. It's no effort at all and hardly qualifies me as a rally organizer. I'm just trying to get families to go.


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