the first of many picket signs I hope Enzo makes throughout his life

posted on: Friday, May 2, 2008

yesterday was May 1st (International Worker's day). It was great because in Brazil it's a holiday and I got to speak with my mommy. It was also great because we got to demonstrate with fellow supporters for worker's rights. Broad issue huh? In particular we were demonstrating for the rights of undocumented workers. This is very close to my heart as many of you know why, and also because so many of my students now are illegal and because of their status will have a very hard time trying to get a job after school that doesn't involve being a nanny or working in agriculture. Enzo was a champ. We marched for 4 miles and I REALLY suggest lathering up the bum with ointment for them since most of the time he was either in the stroller or on our sholder = MAJOR DIAPER RASH. Just in case you're planning on marching with your kiddos at some point.


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