Anniversary tradition

posted on: Thursday, June 19, 2008

(...So turn out the lights.
Bring out the candle.
Wrap your arms around my love handles.
They say the passion may not always endure
but this feeling that I have for you is burning up my world..)

Our first anniversary was so sad. We both expected each other to do something amazing and ended up staying home. Enzo was conceived that night so it wasn't all bad. After that first year Chris suggested we take turns planning our anniversary. Last year I planned a camping trip. This year was his turn and he totally did good. He took me out to a fancy restaurant and salsa dancing. He had even made reservations. I was impressed. We never eat fancy so I made sure to take notes on how the dishes were prepared. Here is what I learned.
  • If you want your plate to look fancy put blueberries. Every single dish had blueberries
  • fancy fries are very small and they have dill sprinkled on them
  • fancy salads are served with warm dressing
  • fancy restaurants serve lilikoi mousse (YES! I knew I had it in me)


  1. Congratulations, you two! Enzo has two amazing people for parents- and you each have an amazing spouse. Many happy more years to you!

  2. Very cute. I will try hard to not be jealous. :)

  3. Parabéns! Quantos anos de casados vocês fizeram?

  4. Happy Anniversary! I LOVE that picture! And I was actually shocked when you said you never eat fancy food... cus to me that seems to be all I see on your blog that you make. :)

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I never felt like Primary went quite the way I wanted it to. (I guess it's the perfectionist in me). Happy Anniversary and cute pic!

  6. Anniversary happies to you! I think you and Christian are just the cutest couple. You are super together. You are the kind of couple that makes me want to sing Tracy Chapman songs outloud. Love always! Matisse


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