NEVER underestimate the power of food!

posted on: Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yesterday I had my qualifying exams. I was totally dreading the experience. I could go on and on about my relationships with my advisors, their relationship with each other, and all the reasons why I was feeling insecure. I'll spare you. Instead I want to focus on the pictures above. I decided to take them food as a gesture of gratitude for all the work they've done. It was also an attempt to create a less formal atmosphere. It worked. The exam consisted of an hour and a half oral exam about theory and my project. It turned out to be a really good conversation, for the most part. I'm SO glad it's over and I can once again waste time on the internet!

Christian made the wonderful buttermilk chocolate chip coffee cake. He totally improvised the recipe and it turned out very delicious. I made feta pâté which should of been ricotta instead. Also a result of improvisation. I also made the baked brie in puff pasty, my new favorite appetizer. It only takes 3 ingredients and 10 minutes. Awesome!

I'll post the recipes later. Right now I have to run off to teach class.


  1. Coffee cake, Christian? Isn't that against the Word of Wisdom?!

    Good job on getting through your exams, Damaris!

  2. yeah it's a weird name for a cake that doesn't actually have coffee.

  3. yeah cause isn't it just cake you eat while you have coffee? At least thats what I always thought it as. And before I was LDS I used to drink a lot of coffee. Usually some sort of pastery with it too! Anyway, that was random. I love the pictures. I'm soo hungry right now! I'm going to go make some of that!


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