for the love of the United States

posted on: Friday, July 4, 2008

Even though American food is not my favorite I have to acknowledge that there are some pretty good things being made in this country.

Today we had a typical American breakfast with our church community and that was fun. We then went to the park by our house where all the kids decorate their bikes and do a parade around the pond. Santa Cruz LUVS bikes. It was such a fun parade and the best part was the food that residents brought to share. Good 'ol American food.

I'm off to a B.B.Que with friends where we'll go for round 3 of typical American food binging (hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad...the works)

I'm curious to know what your 4th of July menu looked like and if there is anything typically American I haven't tried yet.


  1. We traditionally have the American flag cake or jello. It consists of a red jello or jello cake in a rectangle shaped pan...decorated with stripes of strawberries and whipped cream with a square of whipped cream and blue berries for the stars...

  2. I love America, but I am looking forward to loving it a lot more next year. I hope.

  3. I agree with you Jesse!
    I hope enough Americans feel the same way.

  4. dont forget the best "all american" food...deserts!!! cupcakes, brownies and candy. :)

  5. the most "american" thing going on here was a big sale at ace hardware. we surfed in the morning then had a pirate party at night. we dressed like pirates, watched pirates of caribbean 3... and ate tacos. it was a great day. but not very patriotic. i kind of miss that. it's really my own fault.

  6. We BBQed. But Tongan style so we had fish, chicken legs, beef, and pork BBQ with taro and manioke. Along with some ota which is raw fish, onions, tomatos, coconut milk. And we also made otai which can be made manyways but we just used pinapple, mango, sugar and shedded coconut and milk! It was delicious. However it wasn't very patriotic. Since only a few of us were actually american citizens. It was a regular meal just large in quanity for my family. And I was actualy craving hotdogs and hamburgers! maybe next year!


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