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posted on: Friday, August 15, 2008

Yesterday I got 1161 hits on my blog. I know that's what food bloggers like Simply Recipes get every second, but still I was stoked.

I was especially happy because 99% of the hits were for the blog post Public School Lunch: Should you smile or cry? I'm so pleased that my readers care about real issues and not just how many cups of sugar to put in a cookie recipe, even though that is most definitely important.

My first experience with activism was around this issue (school lunches not cups of sugar). When I was in 6th grade I complained about the school lunch to my teacher. This was the teacher who had just been arrested for demonstrating against Newt Gincrich because Newt wanted to cut back on free lunches. When I told this teacher that school lunches were gross he took it to heart and helped me write a letter to the Chicago BOE about my complaints. The next month the school had been ordered to have me, the 6th grader, in ALL their meal planning meetings. Basically this meant that I could advocate for pizzas every Friday instead of sloppy Joes. It's true that no big changes were made but it didn't matter at that time because I had just realized that my voice could be heard, I'm really not trying to get corny on you so just bear with me, and that I didn't have to eat mystery meat every other day.

That said, I want to first thank you for reading my blog. It sure makes me happy that you come and visit and revisit. Second, I want to encourage you to advocate for better school lunches in your community by writing to your BOE or your local representative or forming a meal co-op with other parents to pack lunches for your kids. Third, don't be sad if I never review any more products for McCain foods limited. Something tells me that they're not going to be sending me anything, at least not until they start making less greasy and less over processed food.


  1. Gosto demais de ler o seu blog, Damaris. E acho muito importante nós mostrarmos a nossa preocupação sobre o que os nossos pequeninos comem fora de casa. Obrigada!


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