salad, salad, salad...I love SALAD!

posted on: Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sometimes I get so hungry and cranky and open the fridge and there is nothing made and I get even more hungry and cranky. I then proceed to scream "THERE IS NOTHING TO EAT ARGHHHHH!" and this is usually directed at my husband because somehow when I'm in that state I convince myself that he is responsible for my hunger. This is followed by me threatening him "I'll have to eat Doritos." Christian hates Doritos. He hates it when I eat Doritos. He hates Doritos breath and hates kissing me with Doritos breath. So usually this little skit is followed by Christian saying "why don't you eat ________ (insert something quick and easy to make) I'l make it for you." This time he said "Why don't you eat salad, oh and make it yourself"

So I made myself a lovely salad with spinach, tomatoes from my garden, heart of palm, and olives.
and it was HEAVEN!


  1. Ai fiquei com fome so de ler a sua historia e de ver a foto da sua deliciosa salada !!!!

  2. Heart of Palm... where in the store to I go to get that??? Looks YUMMY!

  3. Kristen, I'm almost sure that Matsumoto has it. Go check it out. They are REALLY good.


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