cooking with toddlers

posted on: Thursday, October 23, 2008

This yummy looking banana bread was made by these two very yummy looking toddlers

Today In Enzo's class his teacher made banana bread with the kiddos. Toddlers love to cook and with a little bit of planning it can be an enjoyable experience for everyone. I try to get Enzo involved in my cooking, even if it's just to press the button on the blender, as much as possible. Maybe a little too much because today when I invited him over to help his teacher he was all like "Are you kidding? I already slave at home with you in the kitchen. I need a break." and off he went to play with puzzles.


  1. I must say...those are some cute cooks...especially that first one. Although she looks a bit concerned. Probably because I was trying to leave at that time. Thanks for documenting this.

  2. Estou amando estes post com comida para Toddlers. O Chris tem estado TÃO chato para comer! Só quer besteira. Obrigada pelas dicas! :o)

  3. I just came across this post while looking for a banana-something recipe. I need to use up some bananas....anyways, I about died when I saw Addison. I cant remember her that small. Has it been that long?!?!
    Thanks for keeping her in your post :)


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