Attempt at a Full Body Cleanse and a Couple Confessions

posted on: Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is going to be a long post because I am in full procrastination mode. Usually I blog so that I can procrastinate doing school but right now I am blogging so I can procrastinate having breakfast. Breakfast is easy for me to procrastinate much to my husband's dismay. Whenever he makes breakfast, his favorite meal of the day, he ends up getting mad at me because he wants me to eat A LOT right when it's ready and hot. Frankly I just want to sleep and he's all awake mad and hungry. But today I am awake, mad, and hungry because of this cleanse that I decided to do and will probably not follow through with it.

I'm still not feeling totally myself since I had the miscarriage so my chiropractor and my acupuncturist (so new age, I know) have suggested that I do a vegetable and fruit only cleanse with no sugar or salt. At first this sounded totally easy but then I became light headed and was feeling awful and as soon as a put a pita chip in my mouth I felt sooooo good. I realized that I needed a little salt kick to get me back on track.

This experience reminded me of a friend of a friend of a friend (yes one of those stories) who after half an hour of making a bet that he could go vegetarian was found downstairs in the kitchen liking a slice of ham.

I'm supposed to only do this for 3 days. Today is day two and frankly I think I am going to go downstairs eat some fruit and lick some cereal.


  1. Lick the cereal! Or an olive! I gotta have some salt.

  2. Nossa Damaris. No sugar, no salt=no life, pelo menos para mim. Mas se é para fazer você se sentir melhor e se é só por mais um dia, então guenta firme! :o)
    Quando você vai vir para cá? Um dia desses você vai ter que fazer uma visitinha aqui em Utah. As portas da minha casa vão estar abertas, viu (na verdade vão estar trancadas. Quem já morou em São Paulo não consegue deixar porta nenhuma destrancada. Mas eu abro pra você!hahhahahahaha)? Vou estar esperando!

  3. Oh Damaris! I just attempted a cleanse last week. Made it to day 4 (of 10), and it felt sooo good to eat just a bowl of spinach, tomatoes, and peppers with no dressing or anything! It's not natural, I suppose. I understand the concept, but especially for people like us, where food is always at the forefront of thought, it's almost always, nearly impossible! The cleanse did take care of some aches and my sinus infection (WAY better than taking antibiotics, but.. I would only do it for a day or two, if I did it again!) Anyway, love the stuffed bell pepper recipe! My mom is coming next week, and stuffed peppers are her favorite! We'll have to make this version! Hope you're feeling much better.

    'ofa atu,

  4. Yes clenses are hard! Ive done a few detoxes myself. one was a berry one that just made me bloated and wasnt that fun. But Ive done melon detoxes with lots of diferent varieties of melons that made me feel pretty good. I think a few days is good enough even if it says for a whole week!

  5. I totally believe in cutting back, but the whole cleanse thing is strange, because it's only working while you are doing it, right?
    Plus it doesn't seem that good to eat fruits and vegetables only. Fats are good for you, grains are good for you. Why would eating only fruits and vegetables be better?
    It makes me sad that you've been feeling yuck--- I remember when Ron was sick everyone was trying to get him on to this cleanse, or that diet-- and he did die. He was very diligent about whatever diet everyone proclaimed to work. It doesn't seem fair to say "Well, if you had just done this diet, you'd be cured!" because it's like saying you have complete control over it. And you don't. There's no reason to feel completely responsible over everything your body does and feels. Some of it is your body taking care of business as it knows how, and has nothing to do with choice.

  6. Justin and I ready your blog and we love it !!! you are so funny !!

  7. Thank you everyone for your encouraging words. I felt kind of pressured after reading all your comments. hehehe

    So today is then end of day 3 and I totally feel better. BUT I didn't do the cleanse the way I was supposed to so I'm not sure if I can attribute it to the cleanse. Basically I ate fruits and vegetables for breakfast and dinner all three days but had the pita chip the first day, and then homemade pizza yesterday, and rice and beans today.

    I did eat a whole lot of fruits and vegetables though which is probably why I feel good. I should keep up eating lots of fruits and veggies along with bacon, bread, butter and all that good fatty stuff that I love so much.

  8. A good cleanse once a year or minimum once every two years is very important, so this posting is really good. the picture of the glass I feel is very important too as one should drink 8 glasses per day to help along a good detox.

    for more info on detox:

  9. Cleanses are so hard, but from what I have read they are very good for you. I read the PH Miracle. I recommend it. I had my blood tested recently & it showed I was slightly anemic. I was so surprised even though that is pretty common due to being pregnant. I feel like it's impossible to get everything you need from today's diet. I feel so much better when I eat fresh fruit and veggies too. I used to juice a lot and I loved it. I should start that again. Hope you feel better...Oh, I also tried craniosacral massage therapy. I loved it. It's specifically for healing, but it costs a lot.

  10. Damaris...I haven't been visiting blogs as much as I'd like lately, so I just found out today about your miscarriage. I'm so sorry.

    And on a lighter note, I'm glad to see you are contributing to Blissfully Domestic! It's a fun gig!

    Hang in there...I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. *hugs*


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