Birthday Sushi

posted on: Monday, March 2, 2009

As a birthday tradition my husband takes me out for Japanese food every year. He's been doing this since we were "officially dating". A month after we had initially met we spend a weekend together. It was obvious that we were into each other and I thought for sure the next day (my birthday) he would call to wish me a happy birthday. He totally slacked and didn't call and I ended up going on a date with another guy who took me out to Japanese food and decided it was a good idea to watch fight club after our dinner (hell-o NOT romantic!). Anyway, Christian blew it and has been very good at making it up to me every year since.

so, how old do I look?

We usually just go the 2 of us but this year we turned it in to a full on party. Some of us ate a bit too much.

and some of us had sushi for the first time.

We then walked around downtown Santa Cruz and had dessert at Chocolate, a cute restaurant that has well...lots of chocolate. The picture with the flash doesn't do justice to this dessert platter also known as the orgy platter...yow!
All this happened on Saturday. Today, my actual birthday, is filled with grading papers and dealing with grumpy students. I had some soggy left over pancakes for breakfast and if I have time to pack a lunch I might be able to have a salami sandwich on some old bread, woot, woot. (Dang, I wish it was still Saturday)


  1. Happy Birthday Da! I hope it's a good day despite having to go to school. Sounds like sushi was fun.

  2. Happy birthday Damaris!!!!
    If I wasnt about to have a baby, I would take you out to lunch. See you soon.

  3. Melissa, you crazy girl how could you possibly even think about taking me out for lunch when you've been in the hospital for a week. Can't wait to meet your baby tomorrow!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Da!
    You and your family amaze!

  5. Happy Birthday! I swear, I'm craving the things you put up everday before I even see them. I think you got a switch into my mind sometimes. I just ate some sushi for lunch and have been craving some chocolate pie and some rasberries! and maybe some Ice-cream too!

  6. Happy Birthday! SOOOOO cool you are still doing the sushi birthday tradition. I remember at MHC we took a group of what felt like 30 into tiny tiny Tapei and Tokyo!!!!


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