Earth Day

posted on: Wednesday, April 22, 2009

(image source: the decorated cookie)

I love our earth and I am thankful for living in such a beautiful place where I am surrounded by nature. Being born and raised in the city of Sao Paulo I know that for many seeing a single tree is considered a luxury. Thank you Heavenly Father for creating such a beautiful place for us to live. I just hope that I'll be able to continue learning and applying ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Thank you to everyone who has participated in my giveaway. I've enjoyed reading all the comments about how you practice green living in your kitchen. The giveaway ends tonight and I'll send the winner an e-mail tomorrow.

I want to celebrate Earth Day by making these lollipop sugar earth cookies found in The Decorated Cookie blog. What are you planning on making today to celebrate Earth Day?


  1. GORGEOUS COOKIES!!!! We spent the morning at the park enjoying the sunshine and butterflies! I made flower and bumble bee sugar cookies to share. A perfect day.

  2. I forgot it was earth day when it finaly came. did you ever make those cookies. they look yummy!


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