Feira Livre

posted on: Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm feeling an urge to blog even though I don't have any new recipes to share with you. Sorry about that but (a)I'm having major issues with my camera and (b) my life until June 12th revolves around finishing my MA thesis so I'm really pressed on time and priority.

Anyway, this picture was taken at our recent trip to Brazil. Feira Livres are street farmer's markets. Each neighborhood has one that goes up once a week. They are very popular in Brazil and here you can get fresh veggies and fruit for REALLY cheap. You also get meat, fish, cheese, clothes, cleaning supplies, a husband (just kidding). It's a riot and it's my favorite place to go whenever I'm home.

The day my sister got married our car got totally lost on the way to the reception. We ended up parking far from the restaurant and having to go through a Feira Livre to find our way. Here's a short clip of a Feira and my little sister on the phone with our brother-in-law telling him that we were lost by the fish stand. I took advantage of the the tour and bought some bananas (not in the video). I arrived at the reception with a bag full of bananas. My grandma was totally proud. My sister, the one who got married, couldn't have been more embarrassed. Good times!


  1. That's awsome! I can totally smell the fish from here! ;o) Good times...


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