Ferry Building Market Place

posted on: Sunday, July 26, 2009

I've lived in Santa Cruz for 2 years. I've been to San Francisco several times and this weekend I went to the Ferry Building for the first time. What was I thinking?! This is food lover's heaven. HEAVEN.

My BFF was in town. We had a fabulous week playing and eating lots of good food.

Any suggestion for more San Francisco foodie heavens?


  1. I was watching the Food Network and there's this show with a bunch of Chefs talking about the best thing they have ever eaten. Anyway, that place, the Ferry Building was mentioned TWICE!!!! Needless to say I'm super jealous you got to go there!!!!

  2. If there's anything better than that, I will move to SF. Immediately.

  3. Depends on what you like... Citizen Cake has famous cupcakes and bakery items...while Citizen Thai has delicious Thai food if you are into that... I recently spent a girl's night weekend in SFO too and we ate at an Italian place called Spazo?? Close to financial district... Delicious... But I think I'm not remembering the right name...lol Our food experiences in China Town were not so good... :)

  4. thanks sarah for the suggestions. I want to try out the Citizen Cake place. Maybe we should go there together.

  5. This might be too late for your visit with your BFF...but for next time... I love Tartine. Try a slice of their lemon meringue cake! For savories, I like Burma Super Star in SF and the East Bay. In the Ferry Building, I can't leave without eating at Delica (Japanese deli). The wasabi mashed potatoes are my favorite!!


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