If I were food I would be...

posted on: Tuesday, January 26, 2010

fried fish
Because you either love it or hate it
but have at least tried it out

With that said I want to invite you to connect with me on facebook.
Like I said, you at least gotta try having me right there on your feeds leaving you all sorts of updates and random questions like

oh yeah
and if YOU were food what would you be?


  1. The jury's still out on fried fish for me. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I don't.
    I think I would be a roasted plum tomato. But not right now, because me and vegetables are having issues. Right now I would be a bowl of cocoa puffs. With a side order of fries. And definitely KETCHUP.

  2. I think I'd be a pink cupcake. All fluff and little substance. Sad, but true.

  3. Something chocolate. Not because it defines me, but because I think everything ought to have some chocolate in it.

    Great question, by the way!

  4. Oi Dah
    Aquela receita não é de pão francês, embora fique bem parecido... mas faz que vc vai gostar! depois vou te arrumar uma receita de pão francês mesmo. Mas que historia é essa de "se for vou te amar pra sempre"???? pensei que vc já me amava, kkkkkkk
    beijão little sis

  5. I think I'd have to be popcorn with li hing powder and arare. Common and comforting to some and bizarre and unnatural to others.

  6. this is an awesome food blog, as well!
    i'm always looking for something different. i have a feeling i'll be stopping by here a lot. ;)
    if i were a food, i would probably be soup. soup seems boring but once you have some, you more than likely love it and will go back for more (hello Olive Garden-Zuppa Tuscana?). it's the "go-to" food.

  7. great post...heading over to facebook now.


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