food themed birth annoucements

posted on: Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yesterday I opened the cutest birth announcement I have ever seen. How creative is this?

The photographers over at Darling Art did a wonderful job with this one, and she sure is a cute peanut.

When my baby Maria was born I made an announcement/thank you card for the lovely folks who brought us dinner over a two week period. I love the picture we used but I'm thinking that the next baby will have something a little more whimsical.

I love looking over this list of food inspired baby names just for kicks. Bacon is there for boy names. Genius! 10 points for you if you name your next baby Bacon.


  1. that's beyond darling! - i can't wait to open them FROM friends (not me .. haha)

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. Very cute. I was thinking of "Basil", but pronounced like the English do-- Bah-zil.

  3. Mariko, you totally like the names with Z sound huh? I know, me to. I think that if you name him Basil people will pronounce it the American way. No once can pronounce Maria Aurea's name, which is a slight bummer but we don't really care.

  4. This is so adorable! Be careful no one picks up the picture of the baby with the chopsticks! haha

  5. This is cute! Very creative! So glad you found my blog, I am loving yours what little I have seen from it, I will keep reading! Thanks!


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