making vietnamese spring rolls {thoughts on international cooking}

posted on: Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's pathetic how I cook the same things over and over again.
They may have different names
but in the end it taste a whole lot a like.

When baby Maria was born my next door neighbors from India brought enough to feed our small family of 4 and our entire extended family, for many days. It was a post-partum feast. I have been to Indian restaurants before, but this was a whole different level of cooking. The textures and spices blew my mind, and my tongue. A lot of it was too spicy for my wimpy tongue, but I couldn't stop eating it.

I'm scared to try and make foods with ingredients that I've never heard of before on my own. So I jump to the ocassion when someone is willing to teach me. This weekend one of our other neighbors taught a vietnamese cooking class at the community center, like  20 yards from my house.

It was so simple to assemble. I'm sure that If I tried making it all from scratch I'd have a harder time. Noodles are tough to get right.

Isn't it funny how packages from other countries just seem so much more stylish? I mean, check out that green. I could wear that green.

Christian wore his crazy aloha shirt. I love that aloha shirt. I think he was trying to flirt with me. It's like, you put food in front of us in a setting that is not home and we instantly pretend like it's a date. "This totally counts as a date right?" Sure, I mean, our baby is here but who's even watching her? 

I want to learn how to make these on my own and then make them! I want to learn how to make Vietnamese-everything-food, and I want to make Thai food as well, oh and definitely Indian food. I want to basically make more than just my repertoire of brazilian/American food.

Where should I start?


  1. I love love love International cooking because well... we are form allover! Those rolls look amazing and once again your posts have made me smile!


  2. Oh yum! My fav! Nothing like stuffing a whole lot of fresh mint in there too! Just fab!
    xo tash

  3. Puh-lease start with Vietnamese and share the real way to make spring rolls. I used to buy these from a wonderful woman at the the farmer's market when I lived in California - I've tried doing them on my own, but can't get it quite right. Especially the sauce. (oh, and I love the shirt, too)

  4. at school my comfort food was vietnamese. pho and spring rolls on rainy days (with peanut sauce of course). i know there are probably a lot of good places to get vietnamese food in hawaii. i definitely need to scope it out.

  5. I love Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls, mian-miam!

  6. I can't give you any advice for Vietnamese food - it's a cuisine I want to learn more about, too. However, Thai food is pretty easy to learn about, and once you get accustomed to the "theory" of spicy-sour-sweet-salty and are familiar with the ingredients, it is relatively intuitive.

    I would recommend searching for Pim's Pad Thai and Pad See Ew recipes - she uses a method rather than a recipe that results in great noodles. Yum!

  7. Thanks for the advice Margie. I should ask Pim to help me. She lives in the same town!

  8. That looks soooo good! I love salad rolls! Thankfully my husband is pretty good at making them because there is not a lot of good thai in santa cruz (and we dont get out very often)!

  9. Fiquei morrendo de vontade de comer isso aí!!! mas parece tão simples... como assim? achei que vc ia postar a receita e tudo, rsssss
    Adorei a camisa do seu marido!
    bj Dah

  10. A fun learning experience and the rolls look fantastic!


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