feeding my kids street food

posted on: Wednesday, September 15, 2010

People have asked me if I'm scared to eat street food, mostly if I'm scared to feed street food to my kids. We've been going to the beach daily and eating street food daily, so I guess the answer is no. My kids are crazy about the ocean. Baby Maria goes right in, get's tumbled, gets rescued, and then proceeds to go right in again. She should be scared but she's not. Likewise, maybe I should be scared of street food but I'm not, I plunge right in specially if it sounds delicious. Yesterday a guy sold me warm pastels that were filled with plantains and cinnamon. I ate it right in the water. Do you know how luxurious that is?

The day one of us gets sick you'll be the fist one to know. 
I'm hopping that day is far into the future.
I wouldn't want our fun to be cut short.

People who sell street food are pretty awesome, specially the ones who sell at the beach. Those folks are extra great and I always want to give them a hug because they make my life as a parent so much easier. As soon as we get to the beach Enzo is hungry even when we go right after lunch, which is always.

The kid swims for a couple minutes and then is instantly asking for a snack. Corn on the cob has become a recent favorite. He takes a bite then runs back in the water, then runs out takes another bite and continues this way until we leave. I pay $1 for the corn, the same as I would a bag of processed corn chips.

I would rather he eat corn on the cob than chips anyday.
I trust the street vendor guy who has "show do milhão" written on his cart and who misspelled "Deus é fiel" (god is loyal) on the other side of his cart than I do large coorporations who make snacks, snacks that I would otherwise have to buy to feed my hungry swimmer.


  1. I'm not sure why anyone's afraid of street food. I mean, at least-- they're cooking it right in front of you! Nothing to hide. Restaurants are much more gross.

  2. In Brazil, the street is my restaurant. I love street food!


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