free shopping list print {guest post with Ana of Live and Enliven}

posted on: Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ana is a wonderful blogger and graphic designer with a great sense of style and functionality.
She's also a mom.
She knows what's up.
Thanks Ana for sharing your talent with us today.

Hello everyone!

I'm Ana Degenaar of Live & Enliven and I am far more than thrilled to be guesting here because Damaris is my Home-cook heroin!. I bet you agree with me on that.

I am here to share one of my free printables and I chose this one because it has truly transformed my grocery shopping trips. I used to make my lists the night before shopping but some how, at least 90% of the times I forgot something that was vital to my week meal plan.

These "All out of" prints are fantastic! I keep them in the kitchen or pantry door and while I'm cooking or organizing I can just check the item I'm missing. I also added a section for medicine, personal care and miscellaneous which has helped a ton.

Find the PDF HERE / The document is a letter size color sheet - you can print it at home.

Hope you like them and that you find them useful!

Thanks so much for having me, Damaris!
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