picture perfect

posted on: Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mariko made an island fresh fruit tart using fruits that she foraged in Hawaii with her husband and kids. Genius! And because she is a genius and takes beautiful food pictures I think we should vote for her to advance to the next stage of Project Food Blog.

I'm getting completely sucked in reading all the posts that are advancing. There have been some incredible posts out there and I stand amazed.

If you're participating in Project Food blog leave your post url in the comment section. I want to make sure I support my readers!


  1. I'm definitely voting for her -- I love that she foraged for the fruit. I wish I had known about Project Food Blog earlier; I would have loved to have followed it from the beginning and maybe even participate myself. There's always next year.

  2. Guavas are my favorite!! I grew up in Hawaii and would eat guavas with soy sauce and apple cider vinegar :)

  3. what an awesome idea Lisa. I love guavas but never tried it with soy sauce or apple cider vinegar.


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