Foodbuzz Festival 2010

posted on: Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dear Enzo and baby Maria,
I left home yesterday morning without saying bye. It's against my mommy religion to wake up sleeping babies. However, if you had been awake I would of kissed you silly and then some more.

This time last year we all made our way to San Francisco so that I could come to the Foodbuzz Festival. Baby Maria you were 6 weeks old and being away from you was not a possibility, physically and emotionally. I stayed in the back of the room listening to the panelists up front. I nursed you and then I sprayed a famous chef and blogger on the face with breast milk. I walked out and sat by the doorway trying to keep you quiet as I made out every other third word that the panelists were saying. I didn't feel resentful, not one bit. I felt grateful that well, this is my life. It consists of cooking and blogging while raising the two of you.

Yesterday as I thought about you two and how much I enjoy feeding you, I ate an escargot lollipop and some yummy pizza. I know baby Maria would of loved the lollipop, specially playing with the stick. Enzo, you would of loved the pizza. It was yummy, almost as yummy as the one you make.

Today I was asked to present on a panel about what successful blogging is. My greatest success has always been and will always be you two and I'm so thankful that I get to blog about cooking for and with you and that throughout this process we have so much fun. After 3 years of doing what I do I feel like I have successfully learned how to balance, or at least accept the time constraints that I have to work with in order to be a good mommy and a descent blogger.

You two make my foodie world go round
and sometimes upside down.



  1. We really enjoyed meeting you this morning. Great job during the panel. Thank you for being honest.
    Lew (

  2. I love it. I love reading about bloggers who love their families just as much as they love cooking.

  3. I so wish I could be there and meet you in person, Damaris! Congrats for being asked to sit on the panel -- you must be having so much fun.

  4. Aww- sweet note for your kids!! I can't wait to read about your trip! Everything looks delicious!

  5. Damaris, your comments today were so heartfelt! Thanks for your preparation - I know that you put thought into everything!

    (I'm with you - I read a lot of "other" blogs for inspiration, too!)

  6. Da,
    Your post made me well up, mostly because I am on my way home to see my babies after being gone since Thursday. Of all the new people at Foodbuzz that I met this weekend, you impacted me the most. I really am grateful that I have found another mommy blogger who encompasses the same values and priorities that I do. I can't wait to read more.

    Now I've got to go catch a plane so I can run off the Tarmac and into the arms of some waiting Princesses! I hope your reunion is as special as I know mine will be.

  7. your children are beautiful, and so lucky to have you as a momma! i really enjoyed your panel at foodbuzz and wish i had gotten a chance to meet you, though i'm looking forward to getting to know you via your blog.

  8. aww...this is so sweet! and baby Maria is adorable! i had a blast finally getting to meet you in person this weekend! thanks for all the great advice :)

  9. Hi Da! Just wanted to tell you that I thought you were great at the panel yesterday. You were very calm and collected--how do you manage that so well? :)

    Thanks for sharing your perspective. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  10. That's such a sweet letter to your kids. And I was touched by what you said about realizing your kids came first last year at the festival. Your kids are quite lucky -- and adorable :)

    I'm also glad to know there is another blogger in town! Let's definitely get together soon!!

  11. I really enjoyed listening to you on the panel! I appreciated your answers and you did a great job. Oh, and your kids are adorable!

  12. What a beautiful love letter to your gorgeous children!!

    And where did you get that escargot lollipop?!!! I didn't see it and now I want it desperately.


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