Kitchen Corners Holiday Gift Guide {for the babes}

posted on: Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby Maria might grow up to be a pilot one day, but for now her navigation is a little off. That's not to say she's not enjoying her  airplane spoon. ThinkGeek sent baby Maria the coolest bib and spoon ever for a Holiday present. Thank you ThinkGeek, do you make the illuminating bib in any larger size? I know a 4 year old who could really use a bib sometimes and is in love with this one.

Speaking of Holidays and kids I put together a Holiday gift guide with the help of some foodie mamas.

1. Super Baby Food. Ruth from The Mom is amazing. I've been following her story as she and her baby Davy embark on a series of treatments and surgeries to repair Davy's cleft pallet. Ruth is a mother of 4 and is all about making your own baby food. That's why she loves the Super Baby Food book and recommends it. However. Davy is unable to eat solids right now so Ruth feeds her through this feeding tube. If you're a mom with a baby who has a cleft pallet or similar feeding challenges I really recommend visiting Ruth's blog and getting in contact with her. I've send her so many e-mails over the last couple of months asking her questions and trying to learn more about cleft pallets in general and she is great at responding. Thanks Ruth for your beautiful blog.

2. Combi Mommy's Food Processor. I had never heard of this product before but Lisa from Korean American Mommy told me it's one of her favorites.

3. Woodland Bib Set. I do {heart} a good etsy store and Cassandra Ellen, one of my favorite children's books illustrator has an eye for pretty and introduced me to this shop that makes beautiful handmade bibs.

4. Smiling Planet Fairies Fly Plate. Ana, my talented blog designer from Live and Enliven loves Smiling Planet. I don't blame her, so do I. In fact-o this week's giveaway is sponsored by Smiling Planet. Bonus.

5. Foogo Thermos. Mariko from The Little Foodie has been telling me for, what Mariko 2 years know [?!], about the wonders of Foogo. 

6. First Years Breast Flow Bottles. Ashlee from Ash & Lew Plus 2 loves these bottles and still uses them with her twins she said it really helped them with nipple confusion.

7. In the Pocket Baby Seat. I'm seriously hoping I can get this before we go on our trip to Hawaii. Luise from Green Kitchen Stories introduced this to me and totally raves about it's awesomeness. Luise and David and their baby Elsa are traveling the world for the next 6 months so this seat that folds up pocket sized has totally come in handy. 

8. Milk Bands. I think these would be the perfect stocking stuffer for breastfeeding moms. I need to show this to Christian, he'll smile politely much like he did when I was breast feeding baby Maria and would constantly feel my breasts in public to see which one had more milk. I could never remember which side was next. 

9. The Nursing Mother's Companion. Again, Mariko from The Little Foodie says that this is a must have for all breast feeding moms. So dads, go get this for your pregnant wife for Christmas.

What about you, are there any kids feeding products that you absolutely love and would recommend for a Holiday gift?


  1. OMG that airplane spoon is the coolest..I totally adore it...What a fantastic gift guide:) I am so getting that bib set! Adorable:) Kisses

  2. Great gift ideas! Fortunately, my babes are all taken care of already for Christmas this year - whew!

    PS - I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog!

  3. I REALLY think the milk bands are especially genius. Definitely getting those next time. For both of us.

  4. What a great list, thanks Damaris! Happy Christmas silly season and first of December, wow, how did that happen?!

  5. the plane silverware is brillllliant :):)


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