November Cook Off Recipes

posted on: Monday, November 8, 2010

I know a couple of you have been waiting anxiously for this. Did I tell you that our hotel room was broken into on Saturday and that my computer was stolen? So now I've spend the better part of my morning dealing with police reports and insurance companies. Fun.

Anyway, I am so looking forward to your recipes. It will be a wonderful distraction.

Here is the low down. Every month I host a cook off with a specific theme. You cook (bake is a-o.k too) something that has apples in it. Then you take a pic or two and post it on your blog. You need to include the recipe and link it back to Kitchen Corners and this post.

You have until Sunday midnight to submit a recipe. Next week voting begins. The winner walks off with their choice of a Petty Utility Knife from this month's sponsor New West KnifeWorks. How does that sound?

It does not have to be an original recipe. It can even be a post that you have previously done using apples. You do however need to link up to Kitchen Corners and this cook off post in your blog post. Submissions that no not link back to the cook off and do not have a recipe will be removed. If you have any other questions let me know.

Cook off!


  1. I had a bunch of apples that we picked last month, so I'm making two apple things. Is this allowed? Can I submit two entries?

  2. So sorry to hear about your laptop! I'd be devastated if someone took mine away from me...reminds me to finally go get another harddrive to save stuff to.

  3. That's horrible about your room being broken into! How scary! I don't get some people.
    I re submitted my recipe. Sorry, I went to post a link to this challenge and got sidetracked w a sick kid. ;-)

  4. @Healthy Mammma, I hope your kid is feeling better. When my kids are sick I get so sad!

  5. Hi Da,

    I am so sorry to hear about your laptop! My husband and I were also at the festival and had the chance to hear you speak about success in the afternoon session. I was really inspired by the commitment you have for blogging and for your family and I look forward to exploring your site!

    I hope that your laptop gets returned to you (don't give up hope, one of my former professors had her stolen laptop returned after six weeks!)


  6. Da this is so fabulous! I am a) thrilled to have met you this weekend b) still ever-so-thankful to be connected to you via Linda and then have you connect us to Nat (the beauty of the interwebs sometimes!) and c) can't wait to participate in your cookoff! This is such a wonderful concept, and I love (LOVE) that beautiful knife... I am smitten. Apple-something recipe, linked to a blog near you soon! xx, steph

  7. oh my gosh! im SO sorry your hotel room was broken into. thats so sad and cruel. i have apple recipes oozing from my brain right now...thanks for the inspiration to act on them.


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