December Cook Off Recipes

posted on: Monday, December 13, 2010

It's here. It's here. The December coof off has finally arrived and I can not wait to see all your lovely holiday cookie recipes. Have you picked someone to gift them to? I can send you my address in a flash. Just Kidding. Find someone near by, I'll be content with your recipes.

You have until Sunday December 19th at midnight to post a Holiday cookie recipe on your blog. Next Monday the voting begins. Also make sure to post who will be the lucky recipient of your cookies and why. We're trying to encourage giving here at Kitchen Corners (even though I've tried to convince you more than once to send me your cookies, I do also love receiving). 

Importante: Somewhere in your post please mention that you're submitting this recipe for the Kitchen Corners December Cook Off and link to this post. I would love to have your reader come over and see all the cook off recipes and I would love for your recipe submission to get a bazzilion hits from my readers.

So there you go.
Bake cookies.
Post your  cookie recipe.
Post who you will give them to.
Link to Kitchen Corners in your post.
Come over here and submit your post by just adding the link below.

Happy Monday!

oh and random side note but at breakfast this morning Enzo found his baby bib that has his full name embroidered on it, Lorenzo, which sparked up a conversation we've already had in the past...
Enzo: We should name our next baby Lorenzo, it's a good name.
Me: That's your name and usually families just have different names for siblings (except my grandma who named her two boys Luis, but whatever)
Enzo: No my name is is Enzo not Lorenzo silly mommy.
Me: Silly Enzo your name is Lorenzo.
Enzo: No! Lorenzo is just my nick-nack-name (nickname in Enzo language). Our next baby will be Lorenzo.
Me, silently smiling to myself grateful that there is no next baby in the near future. I have my hands full!
the end.


  1. Good luck to everyone...Next time I have to take part....I really want to! Btw; your Enzo is so sweet...What a fun little guy:)
    Happy Monday, darling

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful home decor GIVEAWAY today, just in time for Christmas!

  2. @Diana Mieczan You have until Sunday id you feel inspired. Off to check out your giveaway..

  3. Oi Damaris tudo bem?
    hj eu tenho uma pergunta pra vc ms nao e direcionada a receita desta vou abusar de vc e pedir que vc me ajude sobre uma hard situation. muitas vzs eu vou a uma store portuguesa (muitos brasileiros trabalham la) mas eles nao entendem ou fazem de conta que nao entendem qdo eu peco 250 gramas de alguma coisa? eles riem eu realmente nao sei converter medidas do portugues pra o ingles sim eu sei qto eh 1 pound etc mas gramas? nao. como eu pediria 250 de mussarella em estou trabalhando duro sobre isso. obrigada

  4. I am posting some cookies I baked over the weekend today or tomorrow. I will for sure be back for this!

  5. Enzo sounds like such a cutie! I'll have to start scouring the recipe books for something worthy of your competition.

  6. what a great story, after we were all sworn to secrecy.

  7. My boy`s middle name is Lorenzo. Not a day goes by where I don`t wish it was his first name. Sigh. Needless to say I love it. Good choice Damaris! x

  8. Happy Monday! I may have time to submit a recipe from Iowa! I actually had white chocolate chewy cookies this weekend but I only ate them, LOL I didn't bake them.

    You must be busy preparing for your upcoming trip.That's cute about your son, when I tell Beli, are you my princess? she says no, "Beya". as if saying Mommy don't you know my name? LOL

  9. This was a blast to be a part of, thanks so much! I've got a similar, fun blog hop going on over at RecipeLion's blog as well. Hope you can join us!


  10. @SarahI'll have to check it out. Thanks for sending me a link.

  11. Thanks for the cook-off Da! I'm in too...just in time!

  12. Thanks for sharing your conversation with Enzo with us. Thanks for cute and funny! :P

  13. @Amy He is pretty cute and funnt but I'm super biased. Thanks for the comment.

  14. Oh im sooo sad i missed ur wonderful cook off, i would have loveddd to send all my dec recipes here!:-)
    U have a wonderful blog !!
    Boa semana menina!


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