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posted on: Sunday, December 12, 2010

I want to share my favorite reads from this week but first I have to tell you that on Friday we drove up to Berkeley to vsit our friends' new baby. He is perfect in all his name-less glory. I think they should name him Aslan, mostly because I'm obsessed with Narnia. If they don't then my next baby will be called Aslan for sure. Christian and I did get to see Narnia in 3D with our friends after eating at burger for dinner then smuggling Cold Stone ice cream into the movie theater for dessert. Date nights are my fave. Christian's waffles are also my fave and he cooked a crazy waffle brunch for 80+ people on Saturday.

He's taking a much needed nap right now.

As a prize I ate my waffle after I successfully unclogged the sink in the bathroom all by my self, and drano, and magic.
Unclogged sinks are also a big favorite

Other favorites include reading your blogs.
Thanks for all the time you put into your beautiful and fun posts.
Here are some posts I really enjoyed this week and why. 

What about you?  
Were there any posts this week that you loved?  
Do tell.


  1. Those waffles look amazing. Is that some sort of special waffle maker you use? Because I swear those look different and kind of special. :)

    I'm so flattered I made your list!!

    And I definitely support the name Asland. But mostly because I think beautiful kids can pull of really unique names more easily and you definitely have the beautiful kid thing down. :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday. <3

  2. Well, you would like to know that we put it on POPCORN.

    Also, I use it when I am cooking tofu & sometimes stir-fry's & in my hot soup (maybe instead of a little parmesan or with it).

  3. that is the sweetest card evereverever. i need it for my handsome

  4. oh man now i totally want waffles :)

  5. Is that whipped butter topping that waffle?!! Yum! I love crispy waffles!! And now I'm craving one:)

  6. Thank you for the link love. You've made my day!

  7. I'm not a 'mommyblogger'. We're at totally different stages in life so we don't have much in common, except blogging, and yet I always love your posts. I know it's directly related to your writing voice. I find you so easy to read...and I enjoy your humor and love for your family.

    If you come to So FL, I'll happily make you those Asian Shrimp for lunch!

    P.S. I enjoyed the post on one-line bios...and I think Baby Maria looks adorable with a blueberry face.

  8. i love matt bites. that man's a genius.

    however, i think christian still takes the cake with that waffle. holy deliciousness. that looks AMAZING! a guest post by the hubz in the future, por favor?

  9. Why did your comment on the gold turkey break house rules? Were you nasty?

    Nutritional yeast IS good on sandwiches. And for making NY cheese, and for flavoring just about anything that needs flavoring. It's the essence of savory. I use it constantly.

  10. WAFFLES! i want some. i've been loving eating bird food's cookie recaps. they're inspiring for a non-baker, holiday cookie loving gal like myself!

  11. @Sarah Buttenwieser I've heard about putting it on popcorn, I should try that. How much do you put?

  12. @FOODalogue I would love to come to Florida and hang out with you! Thanks for being such a loyal reader.

  13. @Holly He did a guest post once about apple pies and it was a hit. I want him to do another soon. He's a much better cook and writer than I am. Heck, he could totally do Kitchen Corners by himself.

  14. @Mariko I just thought it was funny. I love reading all the snarky remarks.

  15. We just sprinkle it on, so it sticks to the butter (& also sometimes Braggs which is kind of like soy sauce).

  16. aww thanks for putting my cookies on your list! This made my day :)

  17. I love it when bloggers post round ups of fun things I found this week! This is a great one.

    Hmmm Aslan. I like that. Has a very austere ring to it. Respectable.

  18. There were actually over 120 people at the brunch, I made 30 batches of waffles which usually makes between 120-150 waffles and every single one of them got eaten.

  19. Thanks for the best-of recap. I've been away from my blog for a while. The red velvet sandwich cookies and potato taco sound so good to me right now. As for nutritional yeast, I know a few vegans that use it in place of cheese, particularly parmesan cheese, so on things like pasta, casseroles, etc.

  20. i love this post. love the ornaments and that card is perfect! (the other ones they have are pretty funny too)

    aslan is an awesome name. i grew up on narnia, and when i was a kid i always said if i had a genie i would only need one wish: that narnia was real and that i could go there. :)


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