Peas For Prosperity

posted on: Thursday, December 23, 2010

Today is Christmas Adam. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. And then Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with minimal disappointments. If you haven't gotten that last minute gift then forget about it, because feeling swamped is no fun. Just remember that there is New Years and Christian's Birthday all in the same day. Oh wait, that's just me only a week after Christmas.

I'm a huge fat fan of celebrating new beginnings.
I make New Years resolutions
and then
I break then immediately.

I don't mind. I love making plans and setting goals. I'm at a point in my life where I focus more on the process than on the finish line, specially because the finish line seems to change and become abstract the more children I have, the more opportunities we're presented with, the more I just live.

If you are looking for a New Years gift or in my case a New Years/Birthday gift look no further. Peas for Prosperity is a perfect affordable significant foodie gift. Inspired by the Southern tradition to eat Peas on New Year’s Day for Good Luck and Prosperity, Peas for Prosperity offers dried black-eyed peas in stylish, eco-inspired, gift packaging.  Best part - a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

I've been reading about the founder of Peas for Prosperity, Christy and her journey leaving Corporate America and finding her true passion. It's so inspiring, specially as I embark in a new phase of my life. Did I tell you I won't be teaching this next quarter and will solely focus on this here blog? Becoming a professional blogger has been a dream that I've recently started to take seriously. If it wasn't for blogging I wouldn't have even heard about Peas for Prosperity and read Christy's story. I now feel inspired.

I will need all the luck I can find for this new phase and if eating peas will bring me luck then bring it. I do love me some black eye peas.

This is a sponsored review post. 
I received the product for free and a small stipend for reviewing it.



  1. These are great! We make black eyed pea ham rollups for New Year's - mmmmm can't wait. This southerner wishes you a very prosperous New Year! =)

  2. Ha! Christmas Adam! I love it.

    Merry Chrismtas, Damaris!

  3. What is Christmas Adam? And when is your birthday? Mine is Jan. 4.

  4. @FOODalogue we joke around and say that December 23rd is Christmas Adam because Adam came before Eve and tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

    I know so many people born on January 4th. I kid you not. My birthday is March 2nd.

  5. A very worthy cause and delicious too! Hope you get to celebrate a frenzy-free holiday, full of actual R&R among those you love! :)

  6. Don't forget that I had a baby in between Christmas and the guy's birthday. Yikes!!! Have so much fun this Christmas! We miss you!

  7. Oh how exciting! good luck and I agree blogging is very inspiring and I'm happy to hear that you were inspired.
    My nephew's birthday is on the 4th of January.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!(Beginnings!)

  8. hahahoho christmas adam... :)
    so exited for you, forlowing your dreams is what life is about. and professional blogger is just the right thing for you! Good luck!!


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