DIY- Turning a picture into a Valentine

posted on: Friday, February 11, 2011

Because I like food and because I like pictures I thought this idea of combining both to create a Valentine was absolutely charming. I saw it first on Design Mom, and she saw it somewhere else, and that person saw it on another blog and so the vicious cycle of copying good ideas continue.

This is a really easy project and I'll walk you through the process of editing your pictures on Picnik, a free online photo editing service I swear by, so that you can make your own picture perfect Valentine.

Step one:
Go to and upload your picture. You don't even have to create an account but if you do your project will be saved. Your choice.

Step two:
After you upload your picture this window will open up which will allow you to start editing.

Step Three:
Assuming you clicked the "Exposure" button you'll have the option of either using "Auto-Fix" or messing around with the exposure and contrast of your picture with the other buttons that slide. try those, they're fun.

Step four:
After you are done with fixing the exposure of your photo click on the "Create" that is on top of the page.  The "Text" window should open up. If it doesn't then under the create tab is a series of options such as "features," "effects", and "text." Click on the "text" option so you can add text to your photo.

Step Five:
After you make all the text changes you wanted click on the "Save and Share" tab on the top.

Step Six:
Your picture is now saved to your computer. Success, you are  clearly an editing genius. Now print your pic, poke a little hole on top of the hand and another on the bottom and stick a lollipop through the holes. Fun-Fun.

Do you want to make the Alfajore Pops? Great! Just remember that it's going to take you a gazzilion hours because I know your life is just as busy as mine. But don't let that deter you, they're totally worth making. However, if you're not in the mood to fight with melted chocolate and dulce de leche then just buy some good ol' lollipops, honestly I bet the kids in your child's class will be stoked with anything. Last year for Enzo's birthday I used store bought lollipops and did the picture+lollipop combo as a party favor and the kids loved them.

Now I'm off to take Enzo to the dentist. Too many lollipops? I think so.
Have a happy weekend.


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