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posted on: Friday, February 18, 2011

Ha! As if.

Tuesday was the only day this week I felt human. That night Chris made us a romantic dinner after the babies were asleep to celebrate our Valentine's day. We had lamb chops, asparagus, and baby potatoes, and white chocolate honey mousse, my fave. It was a fun night except at 3:00amish when I started feeling ill. Then on Wednesday I felt super ill, I barely managed to keep Maria's doctor's appointment or pick up Enzo from school. Good thing Christian is a graduate student with a very flexible schedule. As soon as he got home  I was all like, "remember how I've been in bed for the last 4 days doing nothing while you were totally single parenting? Well here are your children. Good-bye!" I was miserable. I felt like I was in the middle of the first trimester of pregnancy.

The good news is that  I'm not pregnant and that I have now eliminated one of two phobias in my life. Phobia number one, is driving alone at night only to discover that I'm not alone. The few times I've actually driven alone at night I've almost lost it. I keep looking back convinced that some stranger is going to be sitting in the passenger seat and will scare me to death. Literally, to death. My mother in law said that one time she got in her car early in the morning, sat in the driver's seat, and all of a sudden Christian's friend Lehi sits up on the passenger seat, it totally freaked her out. Apparently Lehi got in a fight with his parents so he decided to sleep in the passenger seat of Pammy's car. If this had happened to me I would of died. My second phobia is vomiting. I have mastered the technique to get mysel to not throw up even when my body really wants to. I am, or better put I was, deathly afraid of vomiting. What if I choke? What it I can't breath. What if I can't stop throwing up? All real fears. But on Wednesday I surrendered and after vomiting my guts out more times than I should mention I am proud to say that I am no longer afraid of throwing up. Yay.

Apparently having a kidney infection was not enough to get me down. I also needed to get the stomach flu and two other things I won't mention because it's just too disgusting. The Tomato Tart tweeted me a message "When it rains it pours" and boy did it pour. Truth is, it could have been worse. I mean, what if the kids had gotten sick? They never make it to the sink or the toilet in time to not make a mess, at I least have good aim.

Yesterday I go a killer homemade chicken soup from a good friend which I ate when I could finally keep more than just water down. It actually made me feel better. I read a compelling article last month about chicken soup and the science behind why it is actually good for you. I saw the link in someone's blog. Was it yours? If it was can you send me the link again please?

Today I feel better. It might have something to do with the fact that I slept 12 hours straight and/or the adrenaline I need to be a real parent again. Christian leaves today for a conference and won't be back until late Sunday night. I'll miss him so much and not just because he's been so good at taking care of me  and the kids but because I really enjoy his company. Now that I can laugh without throwing up who's going to watch this week's Modern Family  episode with me?

Here is a picture of us (pre-sick week) that my friend Katrine took at the Valentine's dance.  Look at us all happy and giddy not knowing what was going to hit me. I hope Christian has a fun time at his conference this weekend. He deserves it big time. I hope I continue to get better and not worse. I really want to spend some quality time with Enzo and Baby Maria, doing more than just reading books to them from my bed.


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