Wanna go in on a present with me?

posted on: Tuesday, February 22, 2011

post-edit: As of Friday 2/25 we have raised $225. Just so you know.
pos-post-edit: on Monday 2/28 the KitchenAid fund was met (don't you just love that, a KitchenAid fund?!).  Thanks everyone to the moon and back.

Today is sunny, super sunny, almost hot. Christian just came back from kayaking with his buddy. I'm soaking up the sun in the safety of my bedroom, sitting on my desk working on a post about chocolate chip pancakes and another post about how to do giveaways, a question I get almost on a daily basis. I'm happily working and thinking about something, an idea that I hope you can help me out with.

A good friend of mine just had her 5th baby and I want to give her a present. Will you go in on it with me? Her baby is beautiful and healthy, with 4 older siblings and a plethora of cousins and aunties and uncles to love on him (he was born into a Tongan family, lucky boy). He doesn't really need anything I'm sure. So I want to give my friend a present to celebrate her, her awesomeness, her dedication to her family, and her love for cooking. I want to give my friend a KitchenAid. I know it's huge and expensive. This is why she doesn't already own one. It's not that she can't afford it, her husband is one of the most hard working guys I know, it's just that she lives in Hawaii where everything costs a million dollars and my friend would never spend the money to buy herself a kitchenAid because there are a bunch of other things that takes priority. She'll continue to use her wooden spoons and whisk which is fine expect that a KitchenAid is so dang awesome and would make her life so much easier. Plus it's fun to get a shinny new toy, specially when you're sleep deprived with a newborn to feed every hour on the hour. So will you go in on a KitchenAid for my friend? I can't buy it solo it's too much money but together we can totally give her an unexpected gift. From strangers. A KitchenAid. FUN!

O.K, here is what I'm thinking. Coscto sells them for $299 and they can ship easily to her house. I'll put in what I can and  you put in what you can. I'll leave the paypal button active until we reach $299. I wish I knew how to add that thingy where it shows your progress and how much money you've raised and how much money you need but I don't know how and I don't want to complicate this to much, it's a present for goodness sakes it shouldn't be complicated it should just be fun. If we don't raise the $299 I'll just send her the money and tell her she must use it for something fun for her! Moms have a tendency to only buy things for their kids. 

O.K give me a second while I figure this paypal button out...

there it is (what's up with all the white space? Whatever) Yay...group presents are my fave!

My friend is going to love her KitchenAid I just know it! Thank you so so so much for being you. Always so kind. Always so generous. I love you.

I wish I could show you pics of my friend's new baby Ma'umo'ale Jeffrey you would totally fall in love with him. But it's not my baby to show. So you'll just have to settle for pictures of my baby instead. This is from our last trip to Hawaii, where I last saw my friend, pregnant, beautiful, with a plate full of homemade chocolate candy in her hands just for me.

Congratulations my sweet friend.
Your baby boy is perfect just like you.
I can't wait to meet him.
xoxo, Da


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