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posted on: Friday, March 11, 2011

After returning from Yosemite I received a lot of questions about our trip. CNN called me up on Monday to ask about gas prices. You can read the article here.  My readers asked me about food. Since I already talked about gas I'll talk about how our family does food when we camp, and a couple other things that's on my mind.

Normally we would have done this. We would have taken our tent, a camping stove, and a bunch of food in the cooler. But it's the middle of winter so the camp grounds are closed. We stayed in a heated tent cabin in Curry Village . No camping stoves allowed there and even though bears hibernate during the winter (right?!) we still had to lock up all our food in bear boxes outside of the cabin. It did make for an adventure when Baby Maria woke up requesting her middle-of-the-night-bottle. She doesn't like her milk cold. 

During the day we ate some sanck-y foods and sandwiches we brought from home and at night we ate out. Not much is open during the winter in Yosemite, but of course there was pizza. 

We had pizza at the Curry Village Pizza Parlor.

It was way overpriced but it totally hit the spot. If I don't have one warm meal a day I'm cranky forever after. I also like to feed my kids something besides pretzels and cheese sticks so pizza was the food of choice for the fam.

Curry Village Pizza Parlor is super kid friendly, that is if your kids are friendly and not total wild monkeys. Baby Maria tried to get strangers to feed her and then when we forced her to stay close to us she only wanted to sit under the table. Every time I go out with her I make a mental note "must teach baby how to be civilized." Which is why Dooce's post from last week was the perfect read for me.

If your kids know how to behave for more than 30 seconds or if you don't have kids or, even better, if you get to leave your kids with babysitters and go on a romantic getaway with your loved one then I would go for something nicer than pizza. Here is a list of all the dinning options in Yosemite.

Last weekend was fun, playing in the snow and enjoying nature and even eating out. This weekend is jam packed with errands to run and celebrations to be had. It feels wrong to think about our weekend ahead of us when so many have been so severely hurt in Japan. Survival guilt is a weird thing, at least it's productive in that it makes me thankful for the small things, like being safe on dry grounds.

Enzo starts soccer today. TODAY. I only found this out about an hour ago. Today is also Gabriel's birthday. He turns the big 1-8. I'm making him cupcakes because he has no idea what they are.H'es a fun kid and it's been nothing but joy having him here. If Enzo turns out to be half as cool as his cousin I will be one very lucky mother. This is why I want my next child to be a teenage boy, preferably one that has his heart set on a famous singer instead of a real girl, and is too busy enjoying sports to think about drugs. Yes, Gabriel deserves to be celebrated today in full cupcake mode.

Speaking of celebrations my friend received her brand new Kitchen Aid and already put it to good use. Go check out her orange mousse recipe and her post where she thanks us. If you're ever in Hawaii look her up, she's super fun.

My side-note for the day is that one of my lovely readers nominated Kitchen Corners to Babble's Top 100 Food Mom Blogs. If you feel so inlined to vote for me that would be beautiful but don't feel like you need to ask everyone you know and their dog to do the same because that's super annoying. Let me be the annoying one.

If you're in Japan my heart goes out to you. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. We raised money to buy a Kitchen Aid, I'm sure we can raise some money to help someone in need. I love putting social media to good use. 

Have a safe and happy weekend.


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