Online Bake Sale for Japan

posted on: Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yesterday this conversation took place via web:

me: I think the world of you for doing this, for organizing it all. thank you so much for all your hard work.
Sabrina: Thanks so much for saying so- it just felt like the thing to do at the moment. It has been hard work, for sure, but this experience has been so rewarding. I have met some amazing people. My blog is less than six months old, so this is my first taste of how supportive and just plain good blogging community can be. Let's hope the financial reward is equally impressive. When I hear about what the food rations are for the poor people of Japan, I'm so glad I chose a food bank for the charity.

Yes, the food blogging community is amazing. Sabrina is amazing. And you can be amazing too. Here is the scoop and how you can help.

The night of March 11th I found myself tweeting about the devastating tsunami and earthquake, and reading updates about Japan. I was heart broken, as I'm sure you were too. Sabrina, from the blog The Tomato Tart was also heart broken but proactive at the same time. She started tweeting like crazy, throwing out ideas. She really wanted to help. She tweeted me and a handful of other food bloggers, "want to do an online bake sale?" she asked.

"Sure, but how?"

Well with a whole lot of work from Sabrina she figured it out and now there are over 90 food bloggers in on the action. Tomorrow food bloggers are donating their time, ingredients, and resources, to make a special baked good for the online bake sale auction. After you bid and buy a treat the blogger will make, package, and send you your goodies. All the money goes to Second Harvest Japan, the nation's first food bank. So not only do you get a special delivery of goodies at your house you also get to help out Japan a little bit, and every little bit helps I believe that to the core.

Remember the heart shaped gluten-free alfajore pops I made for Valentine's day? I'll make you some too. It can be a heart, or it can be round, or it can even be shaped like an egg for Easter. I will be happy to make it whatever way you want. Heck I'll even make you 10! I'll warp it in gold foil and put all my tender love and care into them. From me to you.

Please take the time to look at this list. It has the name, location, blog url, and a picture of the item that each blogger is donating. It's so neat to see the diversity of baked good and the diversity of bloggers from around the world who is participating in this bake sale. Please take the time to share this bake sale on your own blog, or your twitter, or your Facebook, or to your next door neighbor who doesn't even know how to open an e-mail because even he probably likes to eat, right?

Let's do this thing.


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