Tortilla Pizza

posted on: Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter left us with leftovers -- dyed eggs, ham, potato casseroles, and a lot of chocolate. It also left us with 20 million plastic eggs that hurts to the point of taking you breath away when you accidentally step on it. Easter left us with an all around messy house, and a messy house just hurts my soul.

The rolling pin, for example, wasn't even used to roll out the pizza dough, because there was no pizza dough to roll out. The rolling pin was just there, a reminder that I need to put things away. The grapes were also just laying around but those got put away in Enzo's stomach very quickly after he ate his slice of tortilla pizza.

Speaking of Enzo and Easter can I please show you pictures of him in his green bow tie that matches his green eyes and his sister's dress AND the grass outside? If you think Enzo is handsome raise your hand. I'm raising both of them right now!

Can I also brag about how awesome he is to his little sis? He sings to Baby Maria at night, he up in his loft bed and she in her crib below. The funny thing is that he ends up falling asleep midway through a song, and she just screams "Enzo! Enzo!" until he wakes up and starts singing "Old McDonald Had a Farm" all over again.

And of couse she just adores him.

So much so that she wants to share every page of every book that she ever reads with him, and so the deep fryer that the Easter Bunny left at my door is being put to good use -- as Baby Maria's new favorite place to sit and share books with her big bro.

What?! Another deep fryer? Don't blame me, blame the Easter Bunny.

When we came back from church on Sunday there was a beautifully wrapped present on my door step with a heart and a note that read "To Damaris our friend who loves to deep fry" and BAM(!), just like that I now have two deep fryers. As much as I would love to have more deep fryers than number of people in my house I am desperately feeling the need to tell this mysterious awesome person that I already own a deep fryer and that they really should keep it for their own donut making consumption, or take it back to the store. I kind of blush when people buy me expensive gifts.

I've asked around and no one seems to know anything about how it appeared on my door step. If I don't solve the mystery by today then I'm going to pass it forward and re-gift this brand new deep fryer to another deep fried food addict. I want to keep my good karma on a roll. In fact, if you're in need of a deep fryer I may have a brand new one to give you.

O.k, tell me, how was your Easter? Any mysterious kitchen toys dropped off at your house? What about left overs, is your fridge full of Easter left overs?

Mine was, my fridge was full of leftovers which is good because the one thing Easter didn't leave behind was time. As soon as Easter was over and Monday rolled around it was as if I was hit by a truck full of to-do lists.

Yesterday, after coming back from Enzo's swim lessons I fully expected to come home to a husband and a meal. But then I remembered that Christian has class Monday nights (and Tuesday nights and Thursday nights, throw rocks at him people please) and so there would be no husband and no meal to help me out. Not to mention that Gabriel, my children's entertainer, was swept away by a pretty girl. I almost begged her to take me with.

But no, I was left with leftovers and children to feed and the only thing I could think of was this -- tortilla pizza.

I  layered tortillas on a pizza pan, put some tomato sauce and topped it with Easter leftovers, like that blue egg in the middle, remnants of an egg hunt.

Then I added some cheese and broiled it until the cheese was nice and melted, a total of 5 minutes.

This was the quickest dinner I have ever made, I think. And because I'm nice I made sure to leave some for Christian and Gabriel. And because they are nice they didn't even get mad when they realized I ate their Easter chocolate for dessert.

post-edit: A lot of you commented on the kids' outfit. My friend Jennie was the mastermind behind it all. You can see her etsy shop here and her blog here.


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