Back from Mexico

posted on: Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's amazing how much you can do when you're on vacation. We were only gone for 6 days but we saw and experienced so many wonders, it felt like a much longer getaway. I want to live in Mexico for the rest of my life. Swimming in 82 degree ocean water spoiled me. Eating good food, laying by the pool, going to a Spa, finding waterfalls surrounded by granite, that all spoiled me for sure. Maybe I just want to be on vacation forever.

The whole trip made me ever more excited about Brazil. I think that living in Bahia with equally warm ocean water, good food, and waterfalls will be a lot like being on vacation only this time the kids will come along. Last night we came in super late, the kids had already been asleep for a couple hours. I scooped Baby Maria from her crib and snuggled her in my bed all night. I would have done the same to Enzo if he didn't weigh 50 lbs.

I am now editing my pictures. Tomorrow I'll show you some of them and tell you more about Puerto Vallarta and about the magnificent (seriously, magnificent) resort we stayed at, Casa Velas. Casa Velas put us up for three nights, had it not been for their generosity we probably would not have even thought about going to Mexico.

I am so glad we went.
I feel rejuvenated from my head to my tippy-toes.
I hope you too get to squeeze a vacation in there somewhere, we all need a getaway sometimes.


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