Du Cerrado Popsicles

posted on: Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We have well over 20 eateries on our tiny street. There are fancy restaurants, and bakeries, there are pizzerias, and people with carts selling goodies on the street. Can you believe that one of the most popular hand cart is a porridge cart? I'm not joking, people love porridge they'll bring their metal cups and have the porridge boy fill it up for them. I haven't tried it yet but I always smile when I see it.

Last week we tried the popsicle shop, Du Cerrado, and it did not disappoint.
Just don't ask the bebe for a lick.

For our first visit I had a pumpkin with coconut popsicle . All the popsicles are made with fruit from the Cerrado region of Brazil, which is the savanna area of our country. To be honest with you most of the flavors are from fruits I have never heard of. Next time I need to be more adventurous and try a flavor I'm not familiar with.

The popsicles are not too sweet. Baby Maria's watermelon popsicle, for example, was made entirely by watermelon and tamarind with no sugar added.

I know you can't come over and try one with me but I wanted to share some of their flavors with you, none the less, so that if you're a popsicle lover like me you can try and make some of the flavors at home.

Which flavor would you try?

p.s. I wish you were here so we could eat popsicles together.


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