Rainbow Popsicles

posted on: Friday, September 2, 2011

Yesterday we arrived in Bahia and we were immediately greeted by humidity and warm weather. The first thing I unpacked was my instant popsicle maker, my trusty Zoku. I made these Rainbow Popsicles right in the beginning of Summer, back in California. I was too busy packing and traveling I forgot to share the recipe with you. Two months later I'm unpacking and settling down, and since it's always Summer here I figured it's just fine to share them now.

Makes 6 Zoku sized Popsicles
  • 2 cups limeade
  • red, blue, and yellow food Coloring
  1. Pour 1/4 cup limeade into a muffin tin cavity. Repeat 6 more times. You can also use small cups or small bowls if you don't have a muffin tin.
  2. Using the directions on your food coloring package dye the first set of limeade purple, the second blue, then green, yellow, orange, red, and leave the last one plain.
  3. Using the siphon from the Zoku Tool Kit extract the purple limeade from the first cavity and pour one siphon full into the Zoku mold. Put the Zoku back in the freezer and let it freeze for 3 minutes. Repeat with the blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and plain limeade. 
  4. If you don't have a siphon don't worry. No need for perfection. Just try to pour similar amounts of dyed limeade each time. Also if you don't have a Zoku you can still make these popsicles. It will take a bit longer but you can certainly still make it. Just wait until each layer is fully frozen before adding the next. 
For more Zoku creations try making the


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