Eating my way through Itacare | Tio Gu Creperia

posted on: Thursday, October 27, 2011

Making lists is a very good thing. It forces me to actually do what I want to do and not just complain about not getting things done. One of the things I want to do before I leave Itacare is eat at every single restaurant on my street. There are tons. Lucky me right? 

On Saturday my little sister Iris, Enzo, and I hit the first spot on my list, Tio Gu Creperia, a crepe Cafe that is literally next door to our house. Every afternoon around 4:00pm we start hearing music come from the restaurant. The crew starts prepping for the night and the smells starts invading my house. 

Iris went straight for the dessert crepe, chocolate with Kiwi, and I went straight for the meat crepe, fillet  with cheddar and caramelized onions. Tonight I'm making crepes for dinner because I am totally intrigued with the thickness and consistency of Tio Gu's crepes. It's chewy to perfection.

Enzo had an early dinner at home so all he wanted was soda. Luis, one of the waiters, convinced him to have Kale juice instead. I'm thinking of hiring Luis to be my parenting coach. 

I'm glad Enzo gave it a try because the juice was super good, filled with mint and crushed ice and yes I want them to give me the recipe for their juice as well.

All in all a delicious night. 

Next up will be McA1, the knock off McDonalds run by a Swedish guy and a Brazilian woman. Think tiny shack painted in red and orange, with hamburgers that have pineapples and fried that are double fried. 


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