Happy Halloween

posted on: Monday, October 31, 2011

Last night Christian and I tried to remember what Baby Maria was for Halloween last year and we could not. We're kind of bad parents that way, in that we remember a lot more about Enzo then we do about our second child. By the end of the night I had decided that she was a ladybug. Today I found these pictures that David took. Oh right, baby Maria was a baby chick.

Today I wish I were back in the U.S. I love seeing everyone in costumes, I love trick-or-treating and I love the smiles on everyone's face. There's no trick-or-treating where we live or even Halloween. But tonight we're celebrating with homemade cookies (gotta have some sugar today right?) and watching our favorite episode of Modern Family, the Halloween episode.

If we were back in California we would be going to our friends' house and eating donuts. Instead of handing out candy the Kaspars invite people into their house for donuts and apple cider.  Going to the Kaspars has become our favorite Halloween tradition.

What's your favorite Halloween tradition?


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