posted on: Thursday, October 13, 2011

Back in July I had the opportunity to go to Washington D.C to shoot a cooking video with Moovision, featuring Lactaid (Lactose free milk). It was a very quick trip as I was in the middle of a family reunion in Utah. But it was a good trip none the less. I loved being back in in the East Coast. I loved staying over at a friend's house, a friend that I hadn't seen for years. And I loved meeting fellow food bloggers from The Wicked Noodle, The Village Cook, and Bran Appetit. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to meet Andrea from Andrea's Recipes but hope to soon some day, because I hear she's really great.

The whole crew was super dynamic and so fun.

Kristy and I made one of my favorite recipes together, tilapia in pesto sauce. It's a quick recipe with few ingredients, perfect for getting dinner on the table. Cooking with Kristy was a riot. I look really serious in the video but really I was trying not to crack up. I felt right at home, specially because the crew kept interrupting us to shoot re-takes :) I can't even tell you how many times I'm interrupted at home when I make dinner. Usually there's no camera or makeup, so I guess in that sense it was a little different.

For a simple lactose free free desert you can try my pomegranate mousse recipe and to get access to more lactose free recipes do visit it's a great resource for anyone that's lactose intolerant. You can also follow Moovision on Facebook to get recipe and contest updates.

Have you ever shot a cooking video before? If you were going to cook something on camera what would you make?


  1. I wanna see the video!! Pretty Please!

  2. Of course. It's the first link on the post. Tell me what you think.

  3. Cute! And super easy recipe. Perfect.


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