iPad Apps and Dinner

posted on: Monday, November 14, 2011

Lately the iPad App that's getting the most attention in our home is the new Green Kitchen- healthy Vegetarian Recipes App by our friends from Green Kitchen Stories. For me the hardest part about making food is the planning. You can put $500 worth of groceries in front of me and tell me to make something and I'll scream but if you put a good cooking App in front of me I can easily come up with a handful of ideas of things I want to make.

Every Sunday night I plan the menu for the week. Normally I enjoy doing this with my cookbooks but since my cookbooks are all in storage in a garage in California I'm now going to my iPad for inspiration.

We also have a new arrangement in our home, where everyone minus Baby Maria plans at least one dinner a week. Not only that but whoever is in charge of dinner has to also do the grocery shopping for whatever ingredients are missing. This has diminished my stress ten fold. Now I only have to worry about Wednesday and Thursday nights, and Saturdays because Enzo's idea of meal planning includes three courses of desserts.

I'm really happy with this new arrangement and we've been eating way better too. Mostly because when I plan meals it often involves deep frying something, anything, and when Christian is planning a meal it often involves fresh veggies, lots of colors, and no meat.

Last week Christian made a variation of the Involtini di Melanzane from the Green Kitchen App. He stuffed those eggplans full of bulgar wheat, spices, tomatoes, garlic, and kale. Every bite was insanely flavorful.

You will often see Christian in the kitchen with the iPad, it has definitely become our favorite tool for finding a recipe. Last week the New York Times published an article about cooking Apps, Are Cookbooks Obsolete? I read it and then I immediately purchased the Dorie Greenspan App they mentioned in the article. I recommend reading the New York Times article, I also recommend the Dorie Greenspan App.

What about you, are there any cooking Apps you recommend?
Does your iPad live in your kitchen?


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