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posted on: Wednesday, November 2, 2011

There are only two things I actually enjoy buying - food and books. I guess I'm nerdy that way. Before coming to Brazil I bought the Moleskine Recipe Journal and I just went online to see if they are still for sale, and the answer is yes, yes they are. *Sigh of relief* I'm seriously thinking of buying a life supply of Recipe Journals just in case Moleskin stops making them. Don't you hate when a product you love is no longer to be found?

For the past couple of years now we've become Moleskin addicts. Christian uses his Moleskin planner every single day and I use my Moleskin recipe journal daily too.

In addition to being able to write down a recipe I love,

// That there is a Northern AND a Southern Hemisphere Food Calendar
// The temperature conversion chart (in Brazil I use this all the time)
// That there are plenty of blank pages with tabs (very important) where I can jot down things like the menu for the week, blogging goals for the month, ideas for Kitchen Corners, money spent, money earned, etc
// That there is an index where I can write down the recipe title and know exactly what page it's on
// The double pocket on the back which fits receipts, clippings, notes, etc.
// Stickers. Yes, there are stickers.

If Moleskine ever stops making their passion collection I might cry. Oh, and for all you expectant mother's I just saw that Moleskin came out with a baby journal. I know!

Here's a short little video.

Have you ever owned a Moleskine planner or journal? Are you as passionate about them as I am?


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