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posted on: Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm always giddy when I find a new food blog, specially if it's spectacular. I would say that Roost is spectacular but that might be an understatement.

Last night I was reading Erin's blog Jane Reaction, when she briefly mentioned that Roost is the most beautiful food blog in the world. Basically I trust all of Erin's taste so I followed the link and then spend a good hour just pouring through post after post of beautiful writing and breathtaking pictures.

In an ideal life I would be friends with these people and they would feed me.
In real life I've Pinned a couple of their recipes and hope I get a chance to try them sooner rather than later.

Here are a handful I'd like to try

// Herbed Flatbread with Prosciutto
// Pear Tart
// Orange Blossom Cupcake with Cashew Cream
// Spiced Baklava
// Raw Cheesecake

Were you familiar with Roost?
What food blogs take your breath away?


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