10 little monkeys jumping on the hammock, and eating bananas of course.

posted on: Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We have a new neighbor, and it's a baby monkey! Normally I don't let the kids feed the monkeys but today the pack of monkeys organized, hung out on our varanda, and literally kept pushing the baby monkey into our house. The baby Monkey came in and tried to run off with a banana. I scared him away. Then I felt bad so I let the kids feed the monkeys. Here is a little video I took of the event. 

In other words, this is what our mornings look like because no matter how much I try to be strict with all this monkey business, I always seem to surrender and let them have a banana or two. 

ps. The little puddle of water you see is not monkey pee, it's just water.
pps. Baby Maria has only one volume. Loud. We're working on it.



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