Christmas Tea

posted on: Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh Christmas. Today Enzo put on a Christmas CD and we were all surprised. We listened to Frosty the Snowman like 50 times. No joke. It was on repeat. I thought about telling him to just turn-it-off-puh-lease but held back and let him have his Christmas moment for the year. Did I mention it was super hot today? It does not feel like Christmas at all. I still have no idea what I'm giving Baby Maria. Enzo is getting private chess lessons. We like giving experiences. You can read my 5 Ideas for Memorable Non-Store-Bought Gifts on Inhabitots to see what I'm talking about.

I know exactly what I want for Christmas but I'm not getting it because it's far away in a Trader Joe's supermarket. For me eating is an experience.

The second thing I want for Christmas is Christmas Tea. I adore tea and I adore this idea.

// Images via Core77 spotted on Notcot


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