posted on: Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm on total vacation mode, can you tell? I'm trying to enjoy my mom's company to the max, and am also loving the fact that Enzo is on break. I'm considering homeschooling. Today, for example we went to the river, planning to only stay for an hour or two and ended up staying all day and afternoon. If he was in school we would of had to rush home and get him ready for school. Here in Brazil he goes to school from 1:00-5:00pm, which isn't bad but it leaves us less time to have fun. Maybe I'll just wait until September to send him to first grade and treat the last 8 months we have here as perpetual vacation. When else are we going to have this opportunity again right?

Yesterday we went on an all day boat trip. It was my mom's Christmas present / a present for all of us. It was beautiful and then some. The boat stopped at 4 different islands, all white sand, clear water, and blue lagoon like feeling. Ready for pictures, lots and lots of pictures?

the end.


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